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Nawaplastic shakes hands for the 3rd time with Chang Young and student interns in 2013 to cooperate in weir construction at Khao Yai Da

Nawaplastic with its 3rd weir construction project for a total of 40 weirs is joining forces with Chang Young and student interns from the Class of 2013 in the activity “Building Weirs with SCG to Return Life to Khao Yai Da” to restore the deteriorated environment around Khao Yai Da, Rayong, and to foster environmental awareness deep in the hearts of everyone while celebrating SCG’s 100-year anniversary. Activities for building weirs in line with the Royal Initiative of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej in areas all over Thailand has resulted in the restoration of rainforests, fostering knowledge suitable for the landscape of each forest and considered a victory for conservation and the development of natural resources and the environment. Khao Yai Da is another area gathering knowledge about the restoration of forest eco systems.


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