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SCG Pipe and WINDSOR Executives Help Build 30 Check Dams at Yai-Ta Mountain, Rayong

Executives from SCG Pipe and WINDSOR led by Mr. Dhirath  Udhayanang, Managing Director, donated time in helping build 30 check dams at Yai-Da Mountain, Rayong.  The activity was held for the second time as an extension of last year’s program.  Yai-Da Mountain is an important agricultural area in Rayong and has been developed into a nature and biological study field for young people and the public in general.  The activity focuses on extending SCG activities to conserve water for the future in line with HM the King’s idea, which would result in increased moisture and productivity as well as an increased carbon dioxide absorption rate so the condition of global warming is minimized and the people’s quality of life is improved. 


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