About Vinyl

What is vinyl

VINYL is one of synthetic polymer, which official name is Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride. It is extracted from seawater, and petro-chemically produced as a basic polymer, which has better quality than other polymers or general plastics. It is strong durability, non-flammable, clean and non-polluted. Furthermore, it is easy to transform vinyl to many fields such as consuming products, medical appliances and instruments, pharmaceutical instruments, also for vehicle parts etc. In civil engineering industries, vinyl is widely used such as transforming for doors and windows especially in Europe and USA more than 60 years.

Vinyl for environmental preservation

Vinyl helps decrease in deforestation because vinyl replaces wood usage. Since Vinyl has been produced by low energy processes, it safes usage of natural resources such as oil and coal. Vinyl is also able to be recycled, and well-known as a worthwhile and sustainable material.Utilizing substitute materials together and being proud to preserve the nature for new generation


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