Nawaplastic Industries (Saraburi) Co., Ltd., founded in 1970, manufactures and distributes PVC pipes and fttings under the “Elephant” brand. Having been steadily building its progress for over 40 years, the company has introduced a wide range of products and services to serve different customer needs such as plumbing pipes, drainage pipes, agricultural pipes, electrical conduit pipes, rubber ring pipes and accessories. Various relevant services are also delivered by veteran professional staff.


In a move to enhance product development and variety, the company utilizes state of the art technology in the manufacturing process of Elephant PVC pipes, fttings and accessories. The company is capable of catering to every type of application since it harnesses superior potential in terms of product quality, technology, manufacturing capacity, post and pre sales services, international business alliances and product variety. Plenty of choices are offered for plumbing, drainage and agricultural piping systems as well as pipes for wiring works involving lacing electricity and telephone cables, rubber ring pipes and accessories.


The company has constantly rolled out innovative services such as consultation on comprehensive water solution for home or business, installation services, recommendation on water pumps to ft customers’ requirements. More distributors are set up across the country in order to cover every customer base.

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