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Nawa Intertech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 as the manufacturer of injection moulds, plastic extrusion works, die castings, metal equipments and industrial machinery parts which are recognized by leading industrial producers in the local and international scene. In a bid to attain high standard and quality demanded by customers, the most advanced software and machinery are employed to develop mould design. The company provides staff development programs on a continuous basis and has experts in moulding technology from Japan share and exchange the knowledge with the staff. The company is certifed ISO 9001-2000, Cert.No.867/06 by SCG (Thailand) for Design and Manufacture of Moulds and Dies.


Capitalised on the advanced software and machinery, the company offers design and
manufacturing services of injection moulds and plastic extrusion works, die castings, metal
equipments and industrial machinery parts such as moulds and dies for automobile parts,
rain gutters, PVC pipes, etc. Continuous staff development programs, guidance from
Japanese experts and study visits to Kubota Corporation, the second leader in mould
manufacturing space in Japan, are fundamentally central to the company’s capability to
deliver quality products worthy of customer demands.


  • Repair, modify, made-to-order, insert, moulds & dies, jig & parts, mould parts
  • Repairing machinery parts, material erosion through high precision EDM (electric
    discharge machining) process, thick metal plate cutting with wire cut machine and quality
    strand wire and component manufacturing with CNC lathe
  • Pre and post sales support services and design service from a team of experienced
  • Measuring workpiece with CMM (coordinate measuring machine), profle projector and
    hardness tester

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